UAE Banks Federation Hosts “HIMAYA” Cyber Threat Intelligence Collaboration Forum Next Week

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The UAE Banks Federation (UBF), a professional representative body comprising 48 member banks operating in the UAE, will host “HIMAYA – Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence Collaboration Forum”, in association with Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal, on the 11th of December at Conrad Hotel, Dubai, UAE.

The forum’s sessions will feature information security and cybersecurity experts and specialists who will discuss the importance of cooperation and information sharing to face future challenges. Speakers will also highlight the increasing risks of cyber threats with the development of digital banking services and digital transformation. The forum will also address the importance of keeping laws, regulations and legislations up to date with the changing nature of cyber challenges, and will showcase the best coping methods provided by new programs and technology (FINTECH).

HIMAYA provides an opportunity to learn more about the Cyber threat intelligence sharing platform launched in September that aims to safeguarding the banking sector from cyber threats. This initiative captured the interest of a number of financial institutions, banking associations and central banks in the region.

HIMAYA will host leading experts from the UAE and the region, including Thabet Bakheet, Head of Information Security at the UAE Central Bank; William Carter, Deputy Director and Fellow, Technology Policy Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, USA; Patrice Favre, Chairman of Information Security Committee, UBF; Hugh Njemanze, CEO of Anomali; John Morgan Salomon, Regional Director for Europe and the Middle East at FS-ISAC; Talat Hafiz, Secretary General, Media and Banking Awareness Committee of the Saudi Banks;.

The aim of this event is to bring together the information security professionals from the regional banks and financial institutions so they can share their views and experiences, better connect, detect and protect the banking and finance community from existing and potential cyber threats and risks.

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