Zain Showcases Its Latest Services And Solutions For SME’s

Dubai – Masaader News

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, announced the launch of its new campaign “Your Path to Success”  for small and medium enterprises, through which it offers various packages, features and solutions to facilitate and enrich the business market.


Zain is fully aware of the important role of small and medium enterprises in achieving economic and social development, which is a major part of the country’s production channels.


Zain revealed in a press statement that the new services provide many advantages that suit the needs of small and medium enterprises owners. Including postpaid voice and Internet packages with devices, international and roaming features, Hosted Collaboration Solution powered by Cisco, Wireless Fixed Broadband powered by Mada, and Google Street View.


Zain mentioned that small and medium enterprise owners can choose from a wide range of postpaid voice packages that offer free calling within the company, easy control of the company’s expenses with the hybrid feature, international and roaming services, as well as access to the latest smart devices, including Samsung DeX, which offers the advantages of the desktop computer through selected Samsung devices with freedom of movement. As well as offering postpaid data packages with Internet devices and smart tablets.


Zain added that small and medium sized enterprises owners can now connect through the unified voice communications (Hosted Collaboration Solution) which enables voice and video communications via cloud based services, enhanced communications and interactions between employees with flexibility and ease through Cisco’s industry-leading devices.


The company also stated that it offers the Wireless Fixed Broadband Service, a Point to Multipoint (P2MP) internet connectivity solution for Business & Enterprise customers, which is one of the most popular approaches of wireless communications for companies with multiple destinations and locations.

As well as providing a virtual tour of business locations through Google Street View, with 360-degree panoramic images stitched together, allowing customers to easily take a virtual tour, doubling interest and visits to the company.


Zain is aware of the important role private sector companies play in supporting the small and medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), especially that Zain is one of the leading national companies in the private sector. The new campaign mainly aims at encouraging Small and Medium Enterprises to enhance their businesses by bringing them together with the biggest service provider in Kuwait under one roof.

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