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Egyptian Journalist And Researcher Coins The Term “AI Journalism”

Dubai – Masaader News

Egyptian Media expert Mohamed Abdulzaher, a researcher specializing in Media and techniques of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), has coined a new term in Media which is “AI Journalism”, that term came as result of his previous articles and discussions.

Abdulzaher says about the term that he has coined: “(AI Journalism) Artificial intelligence journalism is a new stage and a product of the development of the media and its association with the techniques of 4IR, where the media seek to employ artificial intelligence techniques.

we can call it an era of the development of the Media industry in various aspects and tools (Radio, Press, Television, Social Media, Mobile applications) from traditional ways of working to relying on the techniques of 4IR and employing them in the service of the Media.”

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Abdulzaher adds: ” In that period, the Media will be closely related to the 4IR in terms of: relying on the latest satellites that penetrate the Internet speed to beyond 1000 MB and the use of 3D cameras in a superior, clearer and more comprehensive way than the naked eye, as well as thousands of robots covering events in the most dangerous places, such as war zones, fires, seabed, in space, and above the skyscrapers, this is the era of AI Journalism.

Abdulzaher also adds: ” Tomorrow news broadcasting will work completely without human intervention except behind cameras, the robot will convey the event, which is filmed using the latest video and audio transmission technology.

Robot argues in the studio, presents and analyzes, writes news headlines on the screens, and even comments as an interpreter to guests in different languages.

Mohamed Abdulzaher assured that: It will create a new revolution in the media industry, where there are no geographic or legal borders, no restrictions imposed by governments on the freedom of News broadcasting and to access to information, competition will be very strong.

the winner of the race will be the one who get those opportunities, and has the latest modern technologies, and can integrate them into the media industry, but unfortunately the third world countries will become a market penetrated by all these channels and modern technologies to reach the sovereign information by the media and AI Journalism.

Abdulzaher mentioned that: ” With it, there is no room for suppressing the revolutions of peoples, or hide disasters and accidents in some countries, there will be satellites, and media’s legions of “Robots” whom will be ready at any time to reach anywhere”.

He expected that Global spending on AI is expected to reach $ 1 trillion by 2030, specially that the world’s largest companies are injecting millions of dollars into investments in this field. No wonder that over the next five years “growth” in AI rates will be included as an indicator of global economic growth, as well as the share per ca-pita technology of 4IR, along with national income, GDP, inflation and other Indicators that measure the power of the state economically, all indicators strongly support the growth of AI Journalism.

Finally he remarked to that is the future of the Media and the world must be aware of the role that the 4IR can play in enabling AI of that industry.

It worth to mention that Abdulzaher worked for BBC as a journalist, and as a media trainer at United Nations, then chief editor at British “Thomson Reuters”.

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