Clean Energy

Clean Energy is The Best Way of Life (VIDEO)

Dubai – Masaader News

Wind and solar power generation is expanding around the globe at record rates, allowing more people to get their electricity from clean, renewable sources than ever before. This is great news, according to Bill Gates’ article.

And here’s better news: We can do even more. By investing in energy innovations, we can build on the progress we’ve made deploying current technology like renewable, which will help accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to a future of reliable and affordable carbon-free electricity.

While electricity generation is the single biggest contributor to climate change responsible for 25 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions and growing every day it’s an even bigger part of the solution.

With clean electricity, we can do more than light our homes and power our grid. We’ll unlock a source of carbon-free energy to help power the sectors of the economy that produce the other 75 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, including transportation, buildings, and manufacturing.

Think electric cars and buses; emission-free heating and cooling systems in our homes and businesses; and energy-intensive factories using more clean power to make products.

Here are three key solutions we’ll need for the transition to clean electricity:

1- Improved energy storage systems.
2- Carbon capture and storage and nuclear.
3- High-voltage, long-distance transmission lines.