Artificial Intelligence in making films

Artificial Intelligence and Making Films

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Interactive storytelling will make its biggest breakthrough in the next decade, not by presenting interfaces of choices for viewers, but in how computational algorithms will be automated to such a degree of sophistication.

that they will be able to process and produce audiovisual media with which to tell our stories, in all the ways with which we as humans use stories to laugh, cry, think and make sense of our lives, according to World Economic Forum.

Artificial Intelligence in making films

There is already evidence of algorithmic narrative power to demonstrate this potential, In 2016, IBM produced the first film trailer created entirely by artificial intelligence.

To make the trailer for 20th Century Fox thriller Morgan a database of thriller trailers were fed into the IBM Watson computer.

Through pattern-finding and other functions, the algorithm then selected music and scenes from the film to piece together a credible trailer.

Thanks to the accuracy of today’s computational language generators, it’s hard to work out whether some writing is created by humans or computers.

As consumers and citizens, we need to understand how computational automation is able to process language, emotion, morality, personality and other fundamental human traits.

We need to do Artificial Intelligence in films quickly, because increasingly it will be these algorithms that are telling our stories in future, while we become increasingly passive partners