Signing the First Book on “Artificial Intelligence Journalism” at Cairo International Book Fair

Dubai – Masaader News

Dr. Mohamed Abdulzaher, the Egyptian academic and media expert, will sign his latest book “Artificial Intelligence Journalism, The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Media Restructuring” at Cairo International Book Fair, on Wednesday, the twenty-ninth of this month.

Dr. Mohamed Abdulzaher
Dr. Mohamed Abdulzaher

The book was published at September last year, the book is considered the first book about artificial intelligence journalism The book was published in two separate versions in Arabic and English, and published by Artificial Intelligence Journalism for Research and Forecasting (UAE), and Dar Badael Publishing House (Egypt).

The author discussed in his book the future of the media industry in light of the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which he called it the term of “Artificial Intelligence Journalism”.

He also discussed many new media concepts such as “Robotisation of Marketing”, “Ethics of Artificial Intelligence Journalism” and “Blockchained-News”.

The author talked also in his book about the development of the media industry through the First, Second and Third Industrial Revolutions up to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how the technologies of that revolution like “Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, Cloud Computing, Big Data analysis, open data platforms and other new technologies” could affect structuring of the media.

The author presented in his book a list with the top 10 of the international media agencies that will lead the Artificial Intelligence Journalism around the world in the next decade, through its direct reliance on some of the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in managing and developing the news industry and media content.

It is worth to mention that Dr. Mohammad Abdulzaher has previously signed the same book at the 38th Sharjah International Book Fair, last November. Guinness World Record (GWR) was broken at that book fair for the largest simultaneous books’ signing, where Dr. Abdulzaher was chosen to sign his book at that ceremony.

Dr. Mohamed Abdulzaher holds PhD in the media about “smart phone applications and advanced government services”, applied on United Arab Emirates government. Dr. Abdulzaher worked as a journalist in many international institutions like BBC and United Nations, and Thomson Reuters.

The Cairo International Book Fair will be held at its 51st session from January 22 to February 4, 2020.