Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Urges Media To Promote Tolerance To Help Revive Arab Civilization

Dubai – (Masaader News)

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Dubai Ruler, highlighted the role of the media in helping the region face the challenges it is currently encountering, especially by providing objective coverage of the rapidly changing socio-political and economic landscape in the region. According to a press release puplished by Dubai Government Media Office.

His Highness called on media to support Arab society in weathering the challenges of this difficult period in the region’s history, and help Arab nations in achieving progress and development. He also urged media outlets to promote tolerance in order to spread peace, and help revive Arab civilization that once was a beacon of progress and learning for the world.

Sheikh Mohammed made these remarks during an Iftar banquet organized by the Government of Dubai Media Office for media industry leaders and chief editors of local newspapers and heads of Arab and international media outlets based in the UAE.

Sheikh Mohammed said that media is society’s eye that perceives the reality surrounding it; it is the window through which people can gain an understanding of what is happening in today’s rapidly changing environment. “The media should cover reality as objectively as possible, with the utmost honesty and integrity.”

He also said that the UAE recognized at an early stage of its history that the media plays a critical role in its development and took steps to build a solid platform for media to thrive. The UAE also worked on developing the media sector based on an approach focused on enhancing personal responsibility and freedom, in order to open the door for a wide range of constructive views and ideas. Sheikh Mohammed also said that the UAE has strived to provide media professionals with all the support that they need to do their job in the best way.

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